Afroreef International is a Pan-African diversified investment company, focusing on strategic proprietary investments. It holds equity interests in a balanced portfolio of medium and large capitalised companies spanning across Agriculture, Mining & Resources, Rail & Road Construction, Petroleum & Gas, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Innovation & Technology.

Afroreef international portfolio includes Mbolaz Brands, Mbolaz Car Rentals, Boggu Charcoal, Kava Leaks among others. It is inspired by prevailing
opportunities as well as challenges in the African economic field. The company thrives in bridging the gap between demand and supply aspects in
the marketplace while ensuring the interests of the client. It holds equity
interests in a balanced portfolio of medium to large companies spanning
across various sectors, namely Agriculture, Civic Engineering, Rail & Road
Construction, Mining & Resources, Petroleum & Gas, Manufacturing,
Renewable Energy, Raw Materials Supply, Arms Supply and in ICT.

We are established on a philosophy of corporate consultancy and collaboration through supply chain management, strategic sourcing so as to meet
our client needs. With our focus full value proposition around the whole
value chain of supply and demand. We provide sourcing of products for
single purchase or sustained contract supply.

Afroreef international delivers strategic, innovative and sustainable solutions to businesses, helping them to maximize on their return on investment (ROI). Our solutions align with our purpose, values and our expertise.

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