Investment Portfolio


We set up an agro-commodity platform and through its partners is heavily involved in the Agricultural Commodity space and is now trading various commodities across the Continent. Given the past success and exciting opportunities of agribusiness in Africa, a concerted focus on this single sector presents the best opportunity for realizing the economic growth and social transformation on the continent. Considering this, Afroreef International made a decision to venture into this sector to support the African industry as a whole, to unlock value for the African farmers

Mining & Resources

We are strategically driven by the transformation mandate and thus aligned and dediated to the sustainable transformation, growth and development of the mining industry in Zimbabwe. We endeavour to expand our footprint in the value chain of the Lithium mining industry and are committed to, through our vision, to not only establish ourselves in the Zimbabwean market as a whole, but to emerge as a leading competitive force throughout the global market. Our focus remains on benefication, implementing efficiencies today, to unlock the value of tomorrow.

Rail & Road Construction

This sector is regularly positioned at the forefront of economic development, especially in Africa where vast connective infrastructure is currently being constructed between, and within, various regions.

Petroleum & Gas

Africa is the last energy frontier, a vast continent with oil and gas reserves we expect to see it emerge as the new global hub.


We are investing in manufacturing to meet Africa's booming consumer demand. Manufacturing in Africa is growing. Increasing urbanization and access to electricity has increased the demand for manufactured goods and the continent’s capacity to produce them. From car assembly to ceramics, textiles, and mattresses, industrial production is taking off.

Renewable Energy

Africa's energy demands are projected to triple by 2030. Lack of access to electricity is one of the most significant obstacles to socio-economic development. Afroreef International aims to be a leader in the transition from energy generated through fossil fuels to energy generated through renewable resources on the continent.

Innovation & Technology

Afroreef International strongly believes that technology and talent management are key in any business activity and because it supports CSI initiatives, it has also invested (besides its strategic investment portfolio) into activities focused on communication, technology and corporate training.